Short history:

  • In 1996 Šiauliai Business Advisory Centre made the first analysis of the need of business incubator in Šiauliai.
  • In 1997 and in 1998 Šiauliai Business Advisory Centre and Šiauliai University Centre of Social Research questioned businessmen about the demand of business incubator in the city. The project was funded by Šiauliai City Municipality.
  • In 1998 Šiauliai Business Advisory Centre prepared a business plan for establishing business incubator in Šiauliai and proposed it to the Ministry Of Economy of Lithuanian Republic.
  • Šiauliai Business Incubator was established in January, 1999.

Stages of establishment:

  • June – December 1999. Reconstruction of main structure of the building, entire second floor, the presence-chamber and stairwell of the first floor. 500 square meters are reconstructed, 320 square meters are intended for rent.
  • February – June 2000. Reconstruction of the first floor and the lecture hall. 600 square meters are reconstructed, 4 rooms occupy both – the 1st and the 2nd floor. The lecture hall can stow 90 people.
  • October – December 2000. Reconstruction of 7 premises in the basement.
  • October – December 2000. Reconstruction of the second block that hold 9 premises.
  • January 2002. New enterprises settle down in the 2nd block.
  • August 2006. Reconstruction of the third korpus Siauliai business incubator.