Associated members

The incubator provides a range of business support services to start-ups and enables them to grow stronger and help them stay afloat.
Services are provided to all firms wishing to receive services and participate in the Incubator’s consulting and training programs. This agreement aims at mutually beneficial cooperation in promoting business and innovation development in Šiauliai and throughout Lithuania.

Services are provided to an associate member:

  1. The Incubator shall provide the Associate Incubator Member with a postal address.
  2. The incubator provides business consulting services and office services at approved rates.
  3. An Associate Incubator is invited to seminars, trainings and consulting courses and conferences.
  4. An Associate Member of the Incubator has the right to receive general information available at the Incubator on SME support, business and technological innovations, activities of the Incubator’s partners and clients, and their assistance to companies in various fields.
  5. A system of discounts is provided for the provided services. The fees for individual services and the procedure for their payment shall be determined by additional agreements between the parties.