General information

Europe Direct Information Centres


Šiauliai Business incubator, as well as Europe Direct information centre (EDIC), which is in an incubator’s structure from 1 March, 2013, implements ongoing Public information project COMM/VIL/ED/2013-2017) on informing people about the EU and Lithuania’s concerns to it. This is a part of operation of the EU Europe Direct network in all EU countries.
10 Europe Direct information centres in Lithuania (LT) join an existing five hundred throughout other EU Member States.
Europe Direct network was created in 2005 and restructured in February 2009.
The Europe Direct information network aims to:
Enable local citizens to obtain information, advice, assistance and answers to questions about the European Union’s institutions, legislation, policies, programmes and funding opportunities
Actively promote local and regional debate about the European Union and it’s policies
Allow the European institutions to improve the dissemination of information tailored to local and regional needs
Give the public the opportunity to send feedback to the European Union institutions in the form of questions, opinions and suggestions


All European Direct offers are free of charge


They are co-funded by the European Commission