Business Incubator

The mission of Šiauliai Business Incubator is to lease premises to young economy subjects on easy terms, provide services in office and business management (information, consultations, trainings etc.), mediate in getting financial support and introduce new technologies and innovations in science into business.

We induct micro-enterprises, small and medium enterprises, residents, who have business certificate, during the period of its validity. The priorities are given to economy subjects, oriented to intellectual production, that need higher technical training and education.

We are an enterprise of public information net of Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania, which spreads information about the support, provided by EU structural funds.

We cooperate with all the institutions and organizations of business infrastructure in Lithuania and Šiauliai region, we have several partners abroad too.


Services offered:

  • Lease of premises for companies’ activity (20-95 sq. m)
  • Lease of log-time property (furniture, premise cleaning equipment, multimedia and other demonstration facilities, telecommunication and computer technologies and equipment).
  • Lease of computerized working places and access to the internet (for external users)
  • Business administration services (information, financial and broad-based consultations etc.)
  • Technical office services – making copies, binding documents, lamination, arranging correspondence, facsimile communication services.
  • Provision of postal address – newly incorporated enterprises are provided with physical and electronic addresses, partial secretaryship.
  • Organization of trainings, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, presentations and other events.
  • Implementation and spread of innovations.
  • Making business cards
  • Translation services


We lease halls (120 sq. m, 70 sq. m, 50 sq. m, 40 sq. m, 20 sq. m) for workshops, conferences, trainings, exhibitions and presentations. All the premises are equipped with proper communication, video and audio capacity.


We organize workshops, trainings and other informative events, related with presentation of the latest business information and development of business in the region.

A number of young companies have already taken and are taking advantage of the shelter of this business oasis!


Other additional services:

  • We provide services of virtual office (computerized working place with the internet for micro-enterprise, which needs an office just for some time (one or two days per week/month). Businessmen, who came from other districts or countries, can use this service).
  • Secretariat services (telecommunication and fax services; copying, printing and scanning; computer service; preparing and binding documents; mail services etc.)